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Survivor Games Information + Application

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Survivor Games Information + Application

Post  Quigg on Mon May 06, 2013 9:06 am

The Survivor Games
This is going to be a regular small time event which we thought the smaller community would appreciate, the games are completly public, all we ask if you submit a small application at the bottom of this page. The games are purely for fun and no prize will be awarded to the winner. (This May Change)

Event Information
The Survivor Games is a Squad death match, involving teams of two people. The area is locked down and you are unable to leave the perimeter. The last man/team standing is the winner of the games. The map will not be like you normally see it, they have been modified to make the combat experience more interesting for the players and enable them to find better equipment. Once you are dead, you are completely removed from the games and your partner is left to survive by him or her self.

Event Rules
-The Area of the games will be zoned off and you will not be able to leave the battlefield, if you do venture out, this will result in a auto-kick and disqualification (You will have a 30 second warning before kick)
-The Map will be change every games we hold, we will tell you before the games start.
-Zero tolerance for combat logging, you and your partner will be disqualified.
-No Stream Sniping. Admins will be in spectator mode, don't try anything funny.
-All teams have to be in teamspeak, once you have died you must leave the channel from your partner.
-Giving out information after you have died is also against the rule, and if caught, you will be disqualified.
-NO HACKING, if you are found to be hacking in the games, your team will be disqualified and the server will be rolled back.
-You are allowed to team up with other groups but remember, only one team can win!

This information is needed so we have a number of the amount of people taking part in the games.
Please Repost and replace blanks with your information:

-My Name is ____, and my Partners Name is _____

-My Contactable Skype Profile name is _____

-(Only if streaming) My Livestream link is:

-I'am __ Years old, and my partner is __

-I'am from the _____ and my friend is from _____


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